Golden Whistler

I was on the phone to my lovely sister when this rocked up. So I got the camera.. but unfortunately for Kim it wasn’t the greatest conversation as I have this habit of holding my breath when taking photos. They are however, a huge favourite, as I’ve commented on previously. Of course this was yesterday when there was some blue in the sky and one could wander about without getting saturated… but having just said that the rain has stopped.

Golden Whistler 

This, of course, is the male of the species. The female isn’t so golden so I don’t notice them as equally.

… but speaking of female Whistlers, here’s a shot I featured in an old post all about the Grey Fantail. I never did correct myself after Teresa had informed me of the mistake, so now I shall. Unless the a female Whistler is close to its male, I am often slow to realise what they are.

Female Rufous Whistler

But now that I look at this bird, it’s clearly not a Grey Fantail.

So I go to Silver Sands all the time.. it’s just a wee walk and my swimming beach. I don’t usually like the quest to photograph birds to interrupt my chill out time… but… I thought I’d check out the stormy weather churning up the usually tame ocean (last weekend) and pay attention to the birds….

Silver Gull 

.. and this was it.

My favourite part of Silver Sands… the bit with no cars.

The Bronzewing pigeon

.. found on the same spot on a powerline near my joint most mornings… until I come along photoprahing it. I don’t always do this as on past occasions I have felt a little guilt for disturbing this cautious bird. It’s just that I really want to capture the bright and iridescent colours that I’ve seen on it’s wings, flashing as it moves in the sunlight.

The Bronze-winged pigeon is so very shy. I had only seen one briefly once before moving to the Aldinga Scrub. I have previously heard their calls and thought..’OOoo Tawny Frogmouth’ but it’s a little different. The Bronzewing goes like this.. “Whoo whoo….’ and so on.. but it’s not the ‘Whoo!’ you make when you knock off work on a Friday, it’s a somewhat sorrowful sound I think and I have developed a soft spot for this bird. However, it’s call is sometimes written as being an ‘oom oom’ as is a Tawny Frogmouth call… so really I’m not actually sure if I’m hearing ‘whoo’ or ‘oom’ so I might see if I can find it now.

Grey Fantail

So it’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of kicking back and checking out what’s happening in the yard. There’s always Grey Fantails flittering about but I didn’t see that they had this going on until sitting down for our prawn cocktails…. 3 chicks.

Grey Fantail chicks

Bottom left appears to be the runt. Top chick.. reminds me of some muppet I can’t remember the name of.

Grey Fantail chicks.. one’s nearly ready to get going

The Runt

Boxing Day… and 2 have taken off and are hidden in the branches of a tree while the folks continually deliver food. They are flying about a little… but this one is struggling. Since Christmas, I have seen them swiftly getting around now, hidden in the depths of trees and fed by the adults.

A Legless Lizard

So the other morning I bent down to pick up, what I thought was, a broken shoe lace (on the floor near my bed). As I picked it up I thought,’when did I snap a shoe lace’ and ‘this doesn’t feel like a shoe lace.’ So it was this reptile of some description.

I did a bit of googling, and spoke to John and Carolyn at the native plant stall at the farmers markets… I had wondered if it could be a legless lizard and apparently there are some in the scrub but they are rare or unnoticed. I can’t see any ears though.

So if anyone can help identify this one, or know someone who possibly could please let me know. I’m not quite sure if it’s completely dead as it feels soft and it’s not so pliable when I move it. However, it’s going nowhere as this was 4 days ago and it hasn’t left my outdoor table.

.. oh and it’s about 80cm long

Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo

So… I’m not sure what’s going on with the stars or whatever but I’ve just recently turned from an early rising bird watcher to a late night bird drawer. I usually spend maybe 15-30 minutes on a drawing and usually the less time I spend the more I like the drawing but I’ve been at this one the last few nights while listening to the stunning Requiem for a Dream soundtrack non stop. I still don’t know if I have finished (I obviously haven’t paid any attention to the branch) but I don’t fancy coming back to it as I think I better stop listening to this haunting music and I’m not going to continue without it.

… and by the way.. this has nothing to do with the scrub.

A gem of a bird

Grey Shrike Thrush

I don’t often draw them as they aren’t that specky.. but I do adore them for other reasons. I got to the stage where I thought ‘yep cool.. this drawing is done’ and then sloppily dragged my pen over the paper and the little line up in the left corner has been annoying me ever since.

Some Butterflies

Spotted Jezabell or Wood White

I know which name I prefer.

I didn’t know the name of any of most of these but felt the need to… and had to look them up. Most of these were taken in Second Valley but this top one was in my yard.

Meadow Argus

I like the Meadow Argus because it’s a bit 70’s. It makes me feel like listening to some Led Zeppelin and changing my curtains to the sort we had when we were wee kids.



Cabbage White

Australian Painted Lady

.. and I’m not sure what this is but I think it could be a moth..?  .. anyone?.. I’m a little tired of googling.