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So I go to Silver Sands all the time.. it’s just a wee walk and my swimming beach. I don’t usually like the quest to photograph birds to interrupt my chill out time… but… I thought I’d check out the stormy weather churning up the usually tame ocean (last weekend) and pay attention to the birds….

Silver Gull 

.. and this was it.

My favourite part of Silver Sands… the bit with no cars.


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Port Willunga Beach

As you can see from the sign there are not so many left along this coast.. so when they breed it’s a bit special and thankfully there is an effort to protect them. On my local beach just up the road, Silver Sands, there are the same signs and dogs but there are also cars and bogans. One local once said to me ‘don’t believe what they tell you about the cars on the beach’ but I tend to… and would go on about it but it’s a contentious and sometimes nasty issue.

Hooded Plover

So.. they don’t have the smartest breeding technique. They lay their eggs on the beach, in a depression in the sand, above the average high tide level. Due to this and the fact that this makes them vulnerable to human disturbance and predators such as ravens and foxes… they have low breeding success.

the whole family, 3 chicks

.. but this family was doing fine when I saw them a week or two ago.

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An Ibis on Caloundra Beach, Sunshine Coast.

Some kind of Tern. Maroochydore, Queensland

I gather it’s a Crested Tern since checking my fairly average field guide. At the time, I mentioned to my beautiful sister (really not interested in birds at all) how I have trouble with Tern identification and she said it was a left hand tern… a comment (or a joke if you like) our Grandfather would be proud of. Not much help.

The terns were diving along the coast. This one stopped for a wee break as we stopped to talk to a fisherman.

Tern taking a dive

From a distance I got all excited I was seeing a sea eagle but I’m thinking it’s an Osprey, Kings Beach, Caloundra.


Fisherman, Maroochydore

He was nice enough to pose for me… well I just noticed him there like that.

Crested Tern

Surfer, with a striking board, Maroochydore

I have a bit more to come from my break in and around Brisbane… then I need to get back to the Aldinga Washpool… well I have been and there’s lots of birdy goodness to report.

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