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Golden Whistler


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Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo

Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo

So… I’m not sure what’s going on with the stars or whatever but I’ve just recently turned from an early rising bird watcher to a late night bird drawer. I usually spend maybe 15-30 minutes on a drawing and usually the less time I spend the more I like the drawing but I’ve been at this one the last few nights while listening to the stunning Requiem for a Dream soundtrack non stop. I still don’t know if I have finished (I obviously haven’t paid any attention to the branch) but I don’t fancy coming back to it as I think I better stop listening to this haunting music and I’m not going to continue without it.

… and by the way.. this has nothing to do with the scrub.

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The Golden Whistler

A Golden Whisler

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Black Swan & Cygnet

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Yay Spring

A really fresh…… ??

This thing made an appearance in my garden today and I can only assume it’s a Silvereye… as flittering about near it, and at one stage right next to it was a ……..


It’s not the greatest photo but you can see its stunning silver eye.

Here’s one I drew earlier

I think it’s a Lesser Wanderer Butterfly.

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So very shy . I felt like drawing one on my home made paper.

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Fan-tailed Cuckoo

This is what happened Saturday morning………..

fan-tailed cuckoo

It was the usual morning….. got up at the crack of dawn… made myself an iced coffee… went for a walk in the scrub…. saw the usual birds…. ( I love the usuals but I don’t care to include them on this one ) but then… upon my return home….. I heard this beautiful high pitched trilling that I did not think I’d heard before… ¬†couldn’t see a thing. I recorded the sound in case I did not get a glimpse of these birds but they popped out from the cover of leaves..

 fan-tailed cuckoo trilling away

I’m pretty happy about this visitor … and it’s a beautiful morning, suns out… but this is all about birds, not the weather….

I think there were three of them. I do not pay enough attention when trying to get a photo. It’s sometimes good to just watch the birds without persisting at getting a decent shot but this rarely seems to happen… I do often walk around the house with my camera on me. There were at least these two anyway. I like them a lot… despite where they lays their eggs.

the other fan tailed cuckoo

and now… as I type this I can hear one so you might be hearing more about these pretty birds.

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