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Spotted Jezabell or Wood White

I know which name I prefer.

I didn’t know the name of any of most of these but felt the need to… and had to look them up. Most of these were taken in Second Valley but this top one was in my yard.

Meadow Argus

I like the Meadow Argus because it’s a bit 70’s. It makes me feel like listening to some Led Zeppelin and changing my curtains to the sort we had when we were wee kids.



Cabbage White

Australian Painted Lady

.. and I’m not sure what this is but I think it could be a moth..?  .. anyone?.. I’m a little tired of googling.

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Australian White Ibis and an Egret

I have to say I’m not sure what particular Egret this is. I’m not much of a bird watcher these days, I must admit…. my very poor binoculars don’t have a place in my car anymore as they cause me nothing but frustration. This was somewhere around the Goolwa Barrages on the same morning of my previous posts. It was just me and the birds.

morning stretches

a bit closer .. it’s a ‘Great Egret, kink in REALLY long neck and the eye give it away.’ – thanks Lucy

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So when you get up ridiculously early to check out the surf on the south coast (Fleurieu Peninsula) and it’s all a bit sloppy you might as well go bird watching. Well I went for a long walk on the Middleton and Goolwa stretch of beach and was fascinated with the flight formations of birds. The birds were mainly Pelicans and Cormorants..

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Scarlet Robin

I haven’t been camping in Deep Creek Conservation Park that recently, but I have many photos and notes
from several trips there…  during non blogging days.

Julie, a friend of the Aldinga Scrub recently commented on meeting the Aldinga Scrub Ranger .. ‘he asked us to keep an eye out for any Hooded Robin appearances. They have been seen in and around the Caravan Park area in the past and numbers are considered to be very low. It just may be possible that they could be in your neck of the woods at times. Do you have any sightings? I thought you may like to help out with this one.’

It got me thinking about Robins… as I haven’t seen any in my year at the scrub… plenty at Deep Creek though..

A Scarlet Robin at the wing mirror.

This bird was at it for a long while.. and wasn’t put off when we returned from a walk. Perhaps, if I was a Scarlet Robin, I’d fancy looking at myself a bit too. They do look good.

Superb Blue Wren

They’re everywhere in Deep Creek.

Female Superb Blue Wren 

A little tail shakin’ from a young Superb Blue Wren

Grey Shrike Thrush

I’m a huge fan.

There’s plenty of Roo action. I’ve witnessed some particually close Roo action on a couple of occasions.

I could have put in video footage of this act too but I thought I’d spare you of that. I remember Margaret (from the David and Magaret movie show) describing Kangaroo sex as looking like ‘serial rape to me’ in a review on ‘Animals in Love.’….. and after witnessing it a couple times I somewhat agree. The children playing near by kept commenting on how they cuddle for so long..

My only Lizard and Skink guide is from 1970 and most of the pictures are in black and white.. I can’t really tell you what this is.. but if you can tell me…. please do.

Golden Whistler

Red Wattlebird

Female Scarlet Robin

outide a cottage I once stayed at.

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this is what happened on Sunday….

Saturday night I stayed at Narnu farm, on Hindmarsh Island, with some good friends and their kiddies …. then popped by the bird hide, Goolwa south, in the morning as we were leaving…

everybody loves a swan yeah?

There were lots of them. I wasn’t actually in the bird hide to be honest. I could see more walking along the road. I could see lots of reeds in the bird hide.

grey teals taking it easy 

On the side of the road there were a couple of blue wrens flittering about in the low branches of…….. ( I don’t really know my trees and shrubs too well )

superb blue wren in flight

and everybody loves a blue wren right?

A raven I presume…this was up the road from the bird hide looking towards the yacht club.

Meanwhile…….. the shenanigans back at Narnu farm….

crested pigeons at chicken feeding time

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