Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo

So… I’m not sure what’s going on with the stars or whatever but I’ve just recently turned from an early rising bird watcher to a late night bird drawer. I usually spend maybe 15-30 minutes on a drawing and usually the less time I spend the more I like the drawing but I’ve been at this one the last few nights while listening to the stunning Requiem for a Dream soundtrack non stop. I still don’t know if I have finished (I obviously haven’t paid any attention to the branch) but I don’t fancy coming back to it as I think I better stop listening to this haunting music and I’m not going to continue without it.

… and by the way.. this has nothing to do with the scrub.


A gem of a bird

Grey Shrike Thrush

I don’t often draw them as they aren’t that specky.. but I do adore them for other reasons. I got to the stage where I thought ‘yep cool.. this drawing is done’ and then sloppily dragged my pen over the paper and the little line up in the left corner has been annoying me ever since.

Some Butterflies

Spotted Jezabell or Wood White

I know which name I prefer.

I didn’t know the name of any of most of these but felt the need to… and had to look them up. Most of these were taken in Second Valley but this top one was in my yard.

Meadow Argus

I like the Meadow Argus because it’s a bit 70’s. It makes me feel like listening to some Led Zeppelin and changing my curtains to the sort we had when we were wee kids.



Cabbage White

Australian Painted Lady

.. and I’m not sure what this is but I think it could be a moth..?  .. anyone?.. I’m a little tired of googling.

Pelican and Silver Gulls, Streaky Bay

Now, unfortunately I am nowhere near Streaky Bay (although I’m not complaining about where I am) but I’ve been looking through some of my older Pelican photographs for a mate who’s considering getting a tattoo of one.

I love Streaky Bay and without wanting to sound too hippy, I’ve always found there to be  something magical about this place… especially when you get up before everyone (even the oldies) and explore the beach and mangrove area…. oh and the beach is also the caravan park… this photo was taken from the tent.

Firstly there’s good news and there’s bad news..

Tawny Frogmouth Pair

They’re back. Simon, during the day, noticed the chick was still in my back yard and the parents had just returned to watch over it.

Urimbirra chick (I should have really got her name) and Tawny Frogmouth chick

The bad news.. the chick has a broken leg and will not be staying with the folks. It was a clean break and therefore easy to fix. She thought it would be 2-3 months old and be able to fly but not far or long as it’s feathers aren’t fully developed.

At this stage though the adults started to call ): ‘ooom ooom’

watching its chick go..

This adult turned and watched the car leave up the road and it broke my heart.

The good news.. the chick should recover at Urimbirra, a wildlife sanctuary just out of Victor Harbor, with its sibling (who is doing well and can eat a chicken) The rescuer said that Tawny Frogmouths build shocking nests and that would explain why we had 2 chicks on the ground. It’s a good thing Simon had noticed all this happening… and a good thing I was on the early shift today and got to see how this all panned out.

and now I’m watching them through my window. It’s pretty amazing…. but pretty sad and I’m not sure whether to expect to see them in the morning… so I shall sneak out and watch them some more and take more photos.. of course.

So when I went out a second time one had left this branch. I could hear it calling but I just wanted to leave it (I say ‘it’ as I don’t know which is which) alone. I usually find their calls to be a very comforting sound but not so much this time as I know why they are calling.