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The Bronzewing pigeon

.. found on the same spot on a powerline near my joint most mornings… until I come along photoprahing it. I don’t always do this as on past occasions I have felt a little guilt for disturbing this cautious bird. It’s just that I really want to capture the bright and iridescent colours that I’ve seen on it’s wings, flashing as it moves in the sunlight.

The Bronze-winged pigeon is so very shy. I had only seen one briefly once before moving to the Aldinga Scrub. I have previously heard their calls and thought..’OOoo Tawny Frogmouth’ but it’s a little different. The Bronzewing goes like this.. “Whoo whoo….’ and so on.. but it’s not the ‘Whoo!’ you make when you knock off work on a Friday, it’s a somewhat sorrowful sound I think and I have developed a soft spot for this bird. However, it’s call is sometimes written as being an ‘oom oom’ as is a Tawny Frogmouth call… so really I’m not actually sure if I’m hearing ‘whoo’ or ‘oom’ so I might see if I can find it now.


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So the other morning I bent down to pick up, what I thought was, a broken shoe lace (on the floor near my bed). As I picked it up I thought,’when did I snap a shoe lace’ and ‘this doesn’t feel like a shoe lace.’ So it was this reptile of some description.

I did a bit of googling, and spoke to John and Carolyn at the native plant stall at the farmers markets… I had wondered if it could be a legless lizard and apparently there are some in the scrub but they are rare or unnoticed. I can’t see any ears though.

So if anyone can help identify this one, or know someone who possibly could please let me know. I’m not quite sure if it’s completely dead as it feels soft and it’s not so pliable when I move it. However, it’s going nowhere as this was 4 days ago and it hasn’t left my outdoor table.

.. oh and it’s about 80cm long

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grey fantail in the Aldinga scrub

I feel bad as this little gem (and frequent daily occupant of my yard) didn’t make it in my top 5… the more i think about it a top 5 is a joke. They’ve got eyebrows and everything. The grey fantails are very rarely still so I am happy to get these photos, some this morning in the Aldinga Scrub like this one above. It was being followed by a grey shrike thrush…. and me.

grey fantail on my remote control

This one was taken back when the weather enticed one to have a barbecue. The fantail came for a closer look. My secret aim in life is to be a fantail whisperer, although now it’s no secret… when maybe it should be. They do come quite close… fortunately they are not shy. 

One time when they do slow down is when sitting on eggs. This was outside my back window last spring. I discovered that the female and male take turns to nest. The nests are made out of bark, moss and spider webs. This one isn’t so neat and nothing came of it…. although i don’t know if that has anything to do with this shabby affair.

The pair moved to a tree in my front yard and over a couple of days, my friend Jess and I watched them strip bark and make this lovely thing:

The nests are usually a cup with a tail like this, often in the fork of  a tree.

Their second attempt was successful and after a couple of weeks they had three chicks. They grew up awfully quickly and that was that. I was delighted to see it all and hope for more fantail nesting action this Spring.

It’s not the clearest photo but I like the pose…. really it was all my fault and the fantail did what it could. Apparently ( so don’t quote me on this ) they fan their tails to startle insects. They flitter about from branch to branch all day.

… and that’s enough about the grey fantail for one day

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