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The Bronzewing pigeon

.. found on the same spot on a powerline near my joint most mornings… until I come along photoprahing it. I don’t always do this as on past occasions I have felt a little guilt for disturbing this cautious bird. It’s just that I really want to capture the bright and iridescent colours that I’ve seen on it’s wings, flashing as it moves in the sunlight.

The Bronze-winged pigeon is so very shy. I had only seen one briefly once before moving to the Aldinga Scrub. I have previously heard their calls and thought..’OOoo Tawny Frogmouth’ but it’s a little different. The Bronzewing goes like this.. “Whoo whoo….’ and so on.. but it’s not the ‘Whoo!’ you make when you knock off work on a Friday, it’s a somewhat sorrowful sound I think and I have developed a soft spot for this bird. However, it’s call is sometimes written as being an ‘oom oom’ as is a Tawny Frogmouth call… so really I’m not actually sure if I’m hearing ‘whoo’ or ‘oom’ so I might see if I can find it now.


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