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So the other morning I bent down to pick up, what I thought was, a broken shoe lace (on the floor near my bed). As I picked it up I thought,’when did I snap a shoe lace’ and ‘this doesn’t feel like a shoe lace.’ So it was this reptile of some description.

I did a bit of googling, and spoke to John and Carolyn at the native plant stall at the farmers markets… I had wondered if it could be a legless lizard and apparently there are some in the scrub but they are rare or unnoticed. I can’t see any ears though.

So if anyone can help identify this one, or know someone who possibly could please let me know. I’m not quite sure if it’s completely dead as it feels soft and it’s not so pliable when I move it. However, it’s going nowhere as this was 4 days ago and it hasn’t left my outdoor table.

.. oh and it’s about 80cm long


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